Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Okay so I know I am so boring with my blog templates, but hey I figure if I atleast add a few pics and comments I am doing pretty good. And Ang if you want to help me out with the templates that is fine too.


~DeMelo Family~ said...

I think its great Amy! You did it all by yourself and that is great. It is your what ever you like that is how you need to have it! I have been/still am very sick i hate it. It is so hard to watch Andrew and be in utter pain but oh well we do it right. Yes that is Jill in the picture with Cindy. My dad said we could have the condo in PC this weekend but i don't feel to hot darn it or we could have had a girls night or something. Good job updating your blog. I do mine as a journal kind of..i am going to save it and print it out! :) Muah TTYL

the aldred family said...

Amy. I think the background is cute!! You do good! Love the pictures... looks like the kids had fun!! You should come here and we could take our kids to Farm Country at THanksgiving point!! I could talk JEn into coming and Angela could come!! I think that MAtt is out of school next week and she'll be done teaching piano then too... so no excuses!!